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Are you looking for extra work or looking to be inundated with requests for your services?

Look no further! Get your business listed on Cabs Quote and watch as your business grows and revenue escalates.

With over 20 years’ experience in passenger logistics, Cabs Quote is launching a brand new and unique car services comparison website, for minicabs, taxis, private hires, and coach companies. We are looking for partners across the UK to cover local and distant work, including airports and seaports. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to get your business directly to customers and sign up now!

Because we are committed to your easy and comfort, our booking platform will let all operators display their prices and special offers to clients in their specific area, or clients that are coming to their area of operation. We give operators the choice to fix prices per area, or per mile journeys.

As you are aware that passengers are always looking for the cheapest ways to travel, either to the airport or on a local run, we therefore give you the opportunity to trump the competition with your rates. As passengers will have the choice to choose their preferred transport by price or the reviews from the previous clients the operator may have served, we give you the opportunity to both rank by your affordable prices, and your quality of service. Our review system, will further advertise your services.


Why Choose CabsQuote

  • You set your own prices.

  • Change the prices as and when you wish.

  • Freeze you’re booking platform when you’re busy, so no one can book with you.

  • Add and delete your fleet as you wish.

  • Clients have the choice to pay cash or Cad payments for their trip.

  • We pay every Monday for all trips completed from previous Monday to Sunday.

  • We Charge 10% commission, which you add to the price.

  • The bookings that you will get from the Cabs Quotes booking platform will be unique to us.

  • Set your booking time from 30mins to 24hours to pick up giving you enough time to arrange a driver.

  • Once you have inputted your mileage prices, fixed prices to popular destinations, there is nothing else you need to do apart from confirm the booking on our booking platform as customers book with you

  • Once you have confirmed the booking an email will be sent to the customer with your details.

  • We only make money if you get a booking so what you waiting for register now.

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Website Coming Soon !